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    Turn your email into
    a sales generating machine

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    ROI's marketing team delivers:

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    Email marketing campaigns are the driving force behind turning your audience into loyal customers.

    Anunay Kumar
    Email Marketer

    ROI offers the following
    email marketing services

    Managing existing email marketing communications.

    New cold email list generation for B2B companies.

    Cold email out-reach campaigns.

    Specialist email sales campaigns.

    More Email Marketing Services For Businesses By ROI


    QueScreen EDM By ROI - Melbourne Based Email Marketing Agency

    The ROI Approach


    Review your current email list assets.​


    Set 6-month sales goals from email marketing.


    Identify the areas where most value can be created.


    Prepare 3-month email communications plan.


    Turn clicks into engaged audiences, engaged audiences into sales.


    Grow & Dominate your Target Markets.


    WHA Review - ROI Growth Agency

    They have taken our initial company brief and developed a highly effective sales campaign program which has seen a near trebling of our top line since commencing the partnership. They have designed and provided our campaign creative and associated marketing materials and built our company website, social media presence, and online profile. I couldn’t be more pleased

    Glen Walton
    Marketing and Sales Director

    Fabulous Catering Logo

    ROI has helped us grow from small company to a national catering company servicing 4000 functions a year

    Adam Pope
    Managing Director – Fabulous Catering

    Betaglucare Logo

    Website sales surged as we strategically reduced budget in under performing areas and harnessed the power of their email list more efficiently. Record sales 3 month in a row!

    Greg Butts
    Director – Betaglucare

    What makes ROI Different?

    Generating more sales is the measure of success of our email marketing.

    Deliver more value to your audience and you will be rewarded with more sales.

    We achieve at ROI with:

    • Higher customer retention
    • Up-selling existing customers
    • Converting new customers

    Ready to take your email marketing to the next level?