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    Lift like a tractor: 450% growth in conversion rate

    Rata Equipment is leading provider of innovative and high-quality Tractor & Telehandler attachments for farmers and agribusinesses. Rata Equipment is committed to providing customers with reliable equipment that is built to last.

    Rata Client Success


    Lead Generation

    • Increase sales leads within the Australian market.
    • Improve the quality of sales leads.

    Audience Insights

    Only a select audience within each industry sector have a commercial need for the Rata products.

    Increase AU Market Share

    Increase brand awareness within Australia whilst showcasing early adoption of the Rata products within each market sector.

    Rata - Client Success Case Study


    To generate awareness and boost sales for the Rata attachment, a niche product, a strategic marketing campaign with clear messaging and targeted audience is essential. ROI has developed a comprehensive campaign that specifically targets relevant businesses. This approach aims to maximise return on investment by effectively reaching potential customers who are most likely to be interested in the product.



    lift in Website Conversion Rate


    lead to sale ratio


    Significant increase in sales

    We had a fantastic Google Ads upgrade, lots of people said they had seen the ads, so this was a success, given the short notice.

    Bronson Crick
    Sales Operations AU

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