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    cascade pools

    case study

    Branding update

    Cascade Pools is a family owned and operated pool construction company based in Brisbane, Australia. Led by Jason Barry, Cascade Pools has over 20 years of experience building high-quality residential and commercial swimming pools across Brisbane.

    Cascade Pools Website


    Position the business in luxury segment

    We created content strategy and updated branding so it resonates with customers in luxury commercial pools segment.

    Showcase the business projects

    We developed a framework to showcase the business projects massively contributing to sales process.

    Increase conversions

    By introducing the clear offering, showcasing the projects and improving overall user experience we increased engagement and likeness to receive leads.

    Cascade Pools Website


    ROI has learned the business history and business goals. As a result of the research, ROI has developed content strategy and implemented it in a form of the website showcasing the business strong points to position in the market better.



    increase in qualified web traffic


    increase in visitors engagement


    Significant increase in sales opportunities

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