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    case study

    Record Online Sales growth in 2023

    Betaglucare is a self-care product for managing cholesterol and blood glucose levels, supported by extensive clinical science.

    The Betaglucare sales have been experiencing a flat line while surviving and thriving during the cost of living crisis, indicating a lack of growth or improvement over a period of time.

    Betagluecare Case Study - ROI Growth Agency


    Lead Generation

    • Improve the number of qualified leads each month.
    • Help the sales team hit their stretch growth target.

    Audience Insights

    • Develop an industry segmentation approach.
    • Strategic marketing for high value customers.

    Marketing Approach

    • Implement an integrated marketing strategy across a selection of digital media channels.
    Betagluecare Case Study - ROI Growth Agency


    The ROI team has completed audience segmentation work, which involves dividing the target market into distinct groups based on characteristics, behaviors, and preferences. The team has prepared a targeted marketing campaign, which involves creating customized messages and promotional activities specifically designed to resonate with the identified target audience segments.



    increase in engagement with the brand


    increase in sales


    Increase in client Value
    Website sales surged as we strategically reduced budget in under performing areas and harnessed the power of their email list more efficiently. Record sales 3 month in a row! Greg Butts Director

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