Let’s face it, most of us have

  • An email database
  • Email newsletters sending
  • Looked at open rates, engagements and unsubscribes

Utilise Your Existing Customer Base

If we are honest with ourselves, most of our email marketing is getting diminishing returns from a shrinking audience; as more of us choose not to open emails and switch off.

What we can do for you

  • Help grow revenues from your loyal customers
  • Help your customers spend more with you
  • Grow your customer retention rates
  • Convert your email list into more paying customers
  • Accelerate your sales from new segmented email marketing

ROI offers the following email marketing solutions

  • Advanced database analysis & segmentation
  • Existing customer revenue analysis
  • Revenue per customer analysis
  • Database cleansing
  • Segmented email marketing campaign management
  • Email creative design & content marketing
  • Integrated SMS marketing
  • Integrated sales promotion with promo codes
  • Fully accountable and integrated sales reporting
  • Integrating your email & social media communications schedule
Platforms we work with
Before you move onto the next idea, ask yourself how much-unrealized opportunity is there in your existing database.

Let us help you extract the value. Contact us today.
Ready to grow your business in 2022?
Ready to grow your business in 2022?